Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Winter Solstice 2017

I have been feeling very out of sorts lately. 
I am a spontaneous person who is up for anything but lately I feel we are missing out on everything.

Especially in regards to the children, family time, taking time, holidays, hikes, long car rides.
I so feel like our schedule runs our life, not us running our life. And there is a disconnect.
Don't know what it is about holidays, traditions etc but I find it puts a light under me.
We've done solstice for a few years now, and just a few days ago I realised its here again! 

Put this together this morning and it was really nice to have candlelit dinner with the kids, talk about seasons, write intentions and burn them in the fire, have kids build fire and take charge and spend some time together away from computers.

 ^^ A badly drawn Queenslander in our snow globe:) Love Winter Here.

^^ Easy to see both Sunrise and Sunset on the shortest days of the year

 ^^Early sunset 4:50pm

^^ Cause we love candles. Been a while actually

 ^^ Mac and Cheese. It's gotta be hearty on Solstice :)

^^ I'm pretty fail at fires. Our kindling died out too quick. Bless firestarters to stop sadfaces.

^^ Mega American Marshmallows kept us going for ages. One is enough!

 ^^ Writing things we want to let go of, and then positive things we want to bring into our lives

 ^^ A burning intention

So technically solstice is at 1pm on the 21st June. We were 20 hrs early. But our only free night.
The long nights last all week, so all forgiven right ;)
Now if there was only no schedule and lots of time to enjoy long dark nights.

Welcome Winter. Funny thing is - it wasn't very cold tonight :)

Ssssweet Ssssixteen

It's been a while since I've done a themed birthday party.

This one all started with a chameleon top from H&M.
It's so hard to buy the miss things and I thought she likes reptiles, she might like this shirt.

Then I thought hmmm maybe we should do one of those reptile parties for her 16th

To which she replied a resounding yes!

So with a weeks notice we put together a Ssssweet Ssssixteen reptile party.

Our host from a True Blue Reptiles was great. Short Notice and everything.
A wonderful woman who engaged the teens so well.
She asked questions about them and taught them a few things. I was impressed.

When I mentioned a reptile party people told me these parties are only for small children
(I even had several people mock me?! That it was a baby idea for a 16th. Really I was shocked)
 However it turned out so great. I was so happy.
The teens were interested, discussion flowed and everyone enjoyed themselves.
It was easy as work for me! bonus! I literally just had to take photos.

We had a water dragon, water python, blue tongue lizard, turtle, another python.
I requested the baby crocodile but it was on its registered day off!!

^^ See my nervous face up there. I'm not deathly frightened but I've had chances before to touch a snake and the entire idea freaked me out big time. I do not like snakes in the least. However I was glad that the host made it so easy and so comfortable even though I thought I would give it all a wide berth and just be serving food, I soon was giving it a go too. Completely surprised me. I don't think I ever need to do it again but the lovely snake felt like the softest leather. I am so glad I held a snake. I would really recommend a party to anyone esp if you have a small fear. I felt pumped ha.

The little sisters pretty much thought it was their party too.

Fun, entertaining and educational. And maybe a dose of healthy fear :)
Thanks True Blue Reptiles

Sunday, March 5, 2017

Elf on the Shelf

I publicly wrote here that I probably wouldn't be doing elf on the shelf.


even though I really wanted to...

But wasn't going to for many reasons (we don't do Santa or elves watching anyone/behaviour monitoring, the time, the mess, the DAILY TIME!) even though I thought it was cute.

Well happy to report that since I found a mega cheap elf (not a proper elf on shelf brand) I thought this year I will give it a go. Since my kids are much older than the target group I thought I would get my older girls to do it for my younger (hmmm that lasted a couple days) as a special seasonal treat to get them all in the spirit and to get the olders giving a bit of sweet service to their little sisters.

I may have been cursing myself when on the VERY FIRST DAY... YES THE 1st DEC!
when we were out very late at a school function, coming home at 10pm and I think oh my goodness I have to do the elf!! And the first day needs to be good, my kids have no idea about the elf....the darn elf.. I was definitely regretting it already. ON THE FIRST DAY!

Then when the kids came out the next morning they shrugged, walked by and said

Mum... thats really creepy... He's ugly.

I think I may have almost wept.


But I kept on and after a few days they loved it. They wanted to help place him - they did a few times but I did do most of it. They were interested in where will he be tomorrow... and by the end of December they said 'but we don't want Pepermint to leave!!!!!!!' and even had a few sads as they saw me put him away with all the Christmas decorations that get shoved in the roof for storage.

Since my kids are older now I think it provided a fun little daily seasonal outlet that gave them a bit of joy in the season. I am a little worried that it could become traditional then you would be stuck doing it forever (it is a bit of a job in an already busy time) but for this year I was glad we gave it a try.

Here is what our Peppermint got up to this season at our house:

Image may contain: one or more people, child and indoor

Will Peppermint return next year?

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