Sunday, August 14, 2016

FHE Lesson {Missionary}

Opening Song: "I hope they call me on a mission" Children's Songbook #169 

Opening Prayer : Child


Ahead of time:  Make missionary name badges  - See Here for Printable Mission Name Tags
Get kids to dress up in missionary attire (optional)

We gave one of our children a packet of lollies (candy)- the type in a roll with several inside.

She came out in front of the others and we asked:

What do you do if you have something special?

(all the other girls immediately said "SHARE!")

How would you feel if she didn't share?  (sad, upset etc)

If you didn't see the lollies, how would you know that she had something special? (we wouldn't)

We likened this to sharing the gospel. Talk about missionary work, how we can share what we know with our friends and neighbours. We want all people to know about what we think is special to us. (Share the candy)

Then we gave everyone a candle.

Daddy had the lit candle and said it was like his testimony. He wanted to 'share' it with us.

One by one we lit each others candles 'passing on our testimonies' to one another.

Activity Suggestions:

My husband unpacked everything from his mission :)

He showed photos (most amazing 'cause none of us have ever seen him with hair)
We played with his collection of badges
He showed us letters he wrote and his journals
We practiced some of the languages he learnt
He showed us the mission rule book and read some out 
He showed Ezra Taft Bensons Signature to them (old I know!)

Make missionary name badges together  - See Here for Printable Mission Name Tags

Have adult family members talk about where they served their mission. Show pictures

Make a missionary schedule to look at/follow for a day (or week)
prayer, scripture reading, service, teaching a gospel topic

Hold a mini MTC   see  July 2016 Friend

Extra for older children:

Inspiration from June 2016 New Era "The Hardest part of being a missionary"
 A list of practical experiences
Being Humble without being humiliated
- try things outside your comfort zone, take on extra activities and responsibilities to show you will improve over time
Facing Rejection-
apply for jobs, try out for teams, ask people on dates and activities, learn from setbacks
Managing Motivation
 how to motivate ourselves when bored or stressed, break down problems into small achievable steps
Managaing differences
 sincerely apologise and take responsibility, look for compassionate explanations for anothers behaviour, ask for help with problem solving, dont stew over it, use a soft voice in conflict and respect others feelings.
Skill of conversation -
set a goal to talk to someone new, smile and be curious about others, notice when others might attempt to start conversations and be open and responsive
Physical wellingbeing- learn about good nutrition, exercise, care for your belongings, money and time. Manage sleep and get the right amount.

Closing Song:  "Called to serve"  Children's Songbook #174 

Closing Prayer: Child


Share Candy with one another

Monday, July 11, 2016

Sydney {Part 2}

 ^^ On the Ferry
^^ To Taronga Zoo

^^Which has amazing views in every direction

 ^^Cause she has always loved reptiles

^^the lady sitting next to me had a bird steal 20 cents from her as part of the bird show

^^Bird Show Doves

 ^^Seriously the kangaroo's looked dead. Not interested in anything at all.

 ^^ I loved the trees everywhere... Maple?

 ^^Bye Bye Hotel room. Best Beds I've slept in - Sofitel Melbourne and Sydney. Lovely!

 ^^ Elevator Selfies

^^ Powerhouse. Long Walk to get there. Kids are free!

^^There was a wiggles exhibit. Dorothys house.

 ^^ Cool Yule. Which was to start a few days after we left :(

 ^^ The library in Customs house has a scale model of Sydney under the floor. It was very cool.  We were so tired from walking, I googled to find a library to hang in to wait for the MR to finish work.

 Bye Bye Lobby. Waiting for our taxi.

^^ Arrive in a train, leave in a plane. Sounds good to me.

So happy we got to join the Mr on a work trip. Very happy to be able to take the children out of our state (they haven't been far). Would even say I was happy I took a 14 hour train journey to be able to do so. Also happy to take the children on their second plane trip and finally a plane with individual tv screens!! I had the most tired achy legs from all the walking. So did the kids. I told them this holiday would not be like beach holidays or camping with lots of lazying and swimming. I said this is pure siteseeing and walking walking walking NO COMPLAINING! (they did a little, but I was pretty impressed with how well they held up) I said you can rest AFTER the holiday!

We were able to walk the entire sydney cbd, opera house, botantic gardens, art gallery, sydney tower, darling harbour, powerhouse museum, ferry, taronga zoo, modern art gallery, the rocks, stare at old buildings and plaques.

The only downside was as often happens with me-food was a bit of a let down (for starters nothing is open mon, tues, wed night in the cdb) and a family of six can't eat out at expensive restaurants 3 times a day. Ouch. We sightsee till we're exhausted then happen to not be near anything yum when hungry. So sadly we mainly ate subpar junk food apart from buffet breakfasts and a couple yummies from food court. One day I'll get the food thing right. I was happy to be spoilt by the Qantas Lounge food late evening as we were leaving lol.

I love a good holiday. I love a bargain one which made it possible.

Where to next?!

Thursday, July 7, 2016

SYDNEY {Part 1}

First Full Day in Sydney. Let the fun begin.

 ^^ Breakfast of champions. Sofitel Wentworth. So much food.

 ^^ Sofitel is heritage listed and is a curved building.

 ^^ I loved the Lobby. Every night they light 30 candles. Strong smell but look beautiful!

 ^^ We hit the walking trail at 8am.

 ^^ Cause Miss G is funny

 ^^ We arrived!

 ^^ The weather was PERFECT!

 ^^ Beautiful Botanic Gardens

 ^^ Art Gallery

 ^^ Can you see us

^^ Miss K was happy to see her first Picasso and Monet in real life.

 ^^ Queen Victoria Building.

 ^^ Zumbo. Love half price Tuesday!

 ^^ Rope wall was actually cement. Looks like we aren't the only people who've touched it ;)

^^ We went up there. 40 seconds in the elevator.

 ^^ The views were great

 ^^ Gallery of Modern Art. Came across three large blank white light boxes. I totally thought it was interactive. We took heaps of photos in all sorts of poses. Then 5 mins in videoed art started playing on the screens. whoops. Maybe it wasn't an interactive piece after all! Well we had fun. Ha.

^^ Cause old phone boxes are cool.

Our Day starts off with an amazing breakfast buffet at Sofitel Wentworth.
Every massive sightseeing day needs to start of with a big breakfast right!

We hit circular quay early in the morning.
The first things the girls said when we came across the Opera House?
OH. It's not as good as I thought it would be.
Ho Hum.

Whoops oh well. Crushed one dream of theirs. Maybe it was a bit too hyped up. It is just an old building after all. They did grow to love it over the four days I'm happy to report.

Botanic Gardens is celebrating its 200 Birthday this year. We had a nice stroll through the gardens, Mrs Macquaries chair, past the pool (from nemo the girls said), the art gallery.

After hours of walking it was time for Queen Victoria Building and Zumbo cakes for lunch.

When then went up the Sydney Tower and admired that gorgeous view up there.

Back to Hotel for late afternoon rest.

Then back to circular quay, The modern art gallery, the rocks

Dinner and Bed.

We walked for kilometers. We all had sore legs. I'm glad my girls are at the perfect age for lots of walking and sightseeing without (too much) complaining. They did great.

The weather was amazing while we were in Sydney. I'm sure I'm not the only one but since we don't holiday all that often I always freak out that either someone will be sick (and ruin our holiday) or the weather will be bad (and ruin our holiday). I'm always so relieved when neither happen. I feel like I'm holding my breath in the few days leading up to any holiday hoping everything will run smoothly.

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