Sunday, March 5, 2017

Elf on the Shelf

I publicly wrote here that I probably wouldn't be doing elf on the shelf.


even though I really wanted to...

But wasn't going to for many reasons (we don't do Santa or elves watching anyone/behaviour monitoring, the time, the mess, the DAILY TIME!) even though I thought it was cute.

Well happy to report that since I found a mega cheap elf (not a proper elf on shelf brand) I thought this year I will give it a go. Since my kids are much older than the target group I thought I would get my older girls to do it for my younger (hmmm that lasted a couple days) as a special seasonal treat to get them all in the spirit and to get the olders giving a bit of sweet service to their little sisters.

I may have been cursing myself when on the VERY FIRST DAY... YES THE 1st DEC!
when we were out very late at a school function, coming home at 10pm and I think oh my goodness I have to do the elf!! And the first day needs to be good, my kids have no idea about the elf....the darn elf.. I was definitely regretting it already. ON THE FIRST DAY!

Then when the kids came out the next morning they shrugged, walked by and said

Mum... thats really creepy... He's ugly.

I think I may have almost wept.


But I kept on and after a few days they loved it. They wanted to help place him - they did a few times but I did do most of it. They were interested in where will he be tomorrow... and by the end of December they said 'but we don't want Pepermint to leave!!!!!!!' and even had a few sads as they saw me put him away with all the Christmas decorations that get shoved in the roof for storage.

Since my kids are older now I think it provided a fun little daily seasonal outlet that gave them a bit of joy in the season. I am a little worried that it could become traditional then you would be stuck doing it forever (it is a bit of a job in an already busy time) but for this year I was glad we gave it a try.

Here is what our Peppermint got up to this season at our house:

Image may contain: one or more people, child and indoor

Will Peppermint return next year?

Sunday, January 29, 2017

FHE Lesson {Pacific Area Goals 2017}

 Here is last years 2016 Pacific Area Goals FHE lesson.

Since the goals are similar, refer to both for ideas.

Watch the Pacific Area Presidency Message http://pacific.lds.org/2017-pacific-area-plan

While watching have family members write down any thoughts/goals that come to mind

As listed last year have small children draw or write ideas under four headings
Draw the following symbols
house/church - Honor Sabbath Day
praying arms - Increase spiritual self reliance
a picture of scriptures - share the gospel
Have children write or draw ideas in each column

Come up with individual or family goals that suit the pacific area plan that are individualised to your family.

Choose something that can make the sabbath a delight for your family
- visit relatives, cook something to give each week, do family history together, encourage quiet activities, prepare on saturday so you are more organised on sunday, help the missionaries

Increase spiritual and temporal self reliance
- set a budget, choose a course of scripture study, choose a skill you will develop or get better at (eg musical instruments, sport, a subject, cooking etc) help a child pay tithing.

Hasten the Work of Salvation
- Be a better neighbour/friend, smile at others, assist someone in their calling, reach out, make a goal to meet new people, assist in church in extra helpful ways.

-Set a goal to attend the temple, invite someone else to go to the temple with you, do family history work, teach an fhe to children about temples.

I really like this idea of drawing a child's hand (reaching for the stars) and on the hand or maybe on the stars write the goals you are aiming for

Make multiple copies of this printable - (I will do ONE thing ...... Today) and each week for FHE write down the one thing you will aim for

Try a goal setting printable for kids to keep track of their goals.

Choose a few manageable goals for your family or self individually.
Write them down and keep them in a place that can be seen. Review goals regularly.

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